Recognition in Saudi Arabia

Teamwork makes the dream work!

We are proud and delighted to share the success of our Saudi Arabian team: Recovery Advisers Saudi Arabia won the GTR Saudi Arabia 2023 ‘Leaders in Trade’ Award for the Best non-bank provider!

The award given to Recovery Advisers Saudi Arabia was in recognition of the work our Saudi colleagues have done to address ambiguities and questions concerning the rights of subrogees.

Our Saudi colleagues were successful in a recent landmark court decision addressed important questions regarding subrogated claims (such as jurisdiction to decide subrogated claims, and the rights and obligations of credit insurers and ECAs. Additionally, our recent court victory demonstrated the incredible speed of development of the Saudi legal system supporting foreign creditors and recoveries.

The landmark case proves the recognition and enforcement of subrogated rights under Saudi regulations, assuring ECAs and credit insurers of the support of Saudi courts to directly recover their rights.

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