Zimbabwe Introduced New Currency: ZiG

In a bid to stabilize its economy, Zimbabwe has launched a new currency called Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG)

International recovery and advisory services for exporters, insurers and export financiers.

Advisory services

Having an external advice during the origination/underwriting process can help you prevent defaults and claims, including due diligence/KYC, contract preparation and structuring, credit insurance application, collateral and loan management.

Claims examination

Accessing accurate information is a constant challenge for insurers and financiers. We can help you make facts-based decisions through our local presence in the debtor’s country.

Mediation and amicable recoveries

By leveraging on RA’s local presence and proficiency in norms and cultures of the debtors’ markets, we can negotiate on your behalf effectively, while preserving business relationships.

International commercial litigation and arbitration

Our team of local and qualified lawyers – specialised in subrogated, export and project finance claims – can get you to a successful resolution, in the most cost efficient and the fastest manner.

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