Sharing the risks and rewards, based
on a success-fee model.

Advisory services

Having an external advice during the origination/underwriting process can help you prevent defaults and claims, including due diligence/KYC, contract preparation and structuring, credit insurance application, collateral and loan management.

Claims examination

Accessing accurate information is a constant challenge for insurers and financiers. We can help you make facts-based decisions through our local presence in the debtor’s country.

Mediation and amicable recoveries

By leveraging on RA’s local presence and proficiency in norms and cultures of the debtors’ markets, we can negotiate on your behalf effectively, while preserving business relationships.

International commercial litigation & arbitration

Our team of local and qualified lawyers – specialised in subrogated, export and project finance claims – can get you to a successful resolution, in the most cost efficient and the fastest manner.


Your benefit of working with us


We pride ourselves with being client oriented and responsive, providing the first report within 5 working days and detailed recovery strategy within 2 weeks.

Local expertise

We understand the importance of cultural sensitivity and by speaking the local language in the countries we cover helps us bridge gaps and reach efficient recoveries.


We are experts in international commercial law, trade and export finance, as well as the local legal practices that are necessary to recover your outstanding debt.

Success fee model only

Aligning our interests with yours, we share the risks and rewards, based on a success fee model.


Our Collaborative Canvas

Credit Insurers

For credit insurers, we handle loss adjusting, investigating and validating some of the most complex claims, in markets which we have direct expertise, allowing for prompt indemnification decisions.

Export Financiers

For export financiers, we extend remediation and collateralization solutions, compliant with the insurers’ requirements, improving chances of recoveries and reducing associated costs.


For self-insured corporates and exporters, we offer prompt and cost-efficient solutions, including remediation and amicable recoveries, with claims processed efficiently, with an immediate impact on cost management.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

International debt recovery refers to the process of collecting outstanding debts from foreign debtors. This involves tasks such as tracking down debtors, conducting negotiations, and utilizing legal systems to ensure the creditor get back their owed money.

It’s a systematic approach that involves identifying the debtor, contacting them about the debt and confirming the underlying trade, negotiating and arranging repayment. If the debtor fails or neglects to pay, legal action can be taken. The process can vary based on the country or region and the efficiency of the jurisdiction.

Some challenges include different languages and cultures, different legal systems and regulations, difficulties in locating the debtor, tracking the collaterals and currency conversion fluctuation.


The length of the process depends on several factors like the response of the debtor, legal complexities, and the country involved. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months or even years.

Currency exchange rates can affect the value of the debt. Fluctuations (i.e. devaluation) may cause further distress if the underlying trade was contracted in hard currency, such as USD or EUR.

RA specializes in amicable and judicial recoveries, as well as the restructuring of commercial receivables, across major trade markets. Our practical solutions range from loss adjusting to claims and recoveries management, amicable and judicial recoveries and litigation finance.

Recovery Advisers has unparalleled experience in recovering claims from trade, export finance and credit insurance.

Recovery Advisers offer services of:

  • Investigation: to confirm the legitimacy of the underlying transactions and deter fraud;
  • Amicable recoveries: to negotiate feasible repayment plans and reach mediated settlements with the debtors;
  • Litigation and Arbitration: to find settle the claims through the local judicial or international arbitration forums;
  • Advisory: to prepare the clients to potential pitfalls and help them avoid them in advance

Recovery Advisers works on a success fee basis, our interest is aligned with our clients and it is only invoiced on the actually recovered amounts.

Recovery Advisers is a firm of lawyers, but not a law firm, our qualified staff is highly specialised in trade-related disputes and debt management.

Recovery Advisers conducts a comprehensive investigation about the status of the debtor to offer the most efficient recovery strategy to its clients.

That includes financial information on the company and the available assets, whether through public domain or as part of the discovery work.

Yes, we can confirm whether the debtor is still operational with a valid trading licence.

Recovery Advisers’ global head office is in Dubai, UAE. For the additional 15 offices and contact information, please visit the “About Us” page.

An amicable settlement is most successful and cost-efficient way to recover your outstanding debt, our local and legally qualified staff can achieve that in each country we cover.

These settlements are enforceable and our local staff will monitor the payments until the last instalment is effected.

Recovery Advisers is a recovery specialist, servicing insurers, banks and exporters, pursuing its recovery activity on behalf of the creditors, and does not buy debt.


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