Insuring A Healthy Business Environment: Asia CPRI Market

At TXF Asia 2021, which took place on November 11 & 12, we took part in a panel discussion about the future, prospects, and challenges of project finance and the CPRI market in Asia. Our contribution to the discussion brought to light the perspective of claims and recoveries in the context of project finance, and in particular, how our expansion in Asia is effectively extending the reach of our ECA/Credit Insurance clients, improving their quality of service, and reducing their costs.

Our APAC network of offices effectively functions as a purpose-built infrastructure for our clients to rapidly receive the necessary information to manage claims (thereby improving the quality of their service to policyholders) and reduce the costs of remediation and restructuring of distressed projects. Ultimately our clients (whether insurance/guarantee providers or beneficiaries thereof) benefit from our local presence in many geographies and our specialization in claims and recovery management and remediation of export finance transactions.


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