Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does RA do?

RA specializes in amicable and judicial recoveries, as well as the restructuring of commercial receivables, across major trade markets.

Our practical solutions range from loss adjusting to claims and recoveries management, amicable and judicial recoveries and litigation finance.

In what areas does RA have most experience? What services does RA provide?

RA’s expertise is in the following areas:
Credit insurance claims examination (loss adjusting)
RA’s local presence in key markets ensures that ECAs and credit Insurers receive timely information about defaulted transactions in order to promptly manage claims.

Mediation and amicable recoveries
RA’s priority is to mediate amicable recoveries, saving clients time and expenses related to dispute resolution. Our mediated settlements and restructuring agreements are directly enforceable, subject to local laws.

International dispute resolution (arbitration and litigation)
If judicial recoveries are unavoidable, our team of lawyers specialised in international trade law and dispute resolution, ensure that the most efficient path to judicial recoveries is pursued.

What are the fees associated with the services that you provide?

RA’s success-driven operating model ensures that our interests are fully aligned with our clients’. In most cases, we adopt a success-fee based model. Get in touch for a detailed proposal.

Is RA a debt collector or a law firm?

RA is a law firm in practice, with a team of lawyers and financial professionals working responsively on a diverse array of cases. Debt collection is one of our service offerings.

Can RA provide the financial status of a company, and its available assets?

Yes. Upon a client’s request, and when taking on a new case, we always conduct the required due diligence and make it available to the client.

Can you support us with checking a debtor’s operational status?

Yes, this is part of the steps we cover.

Where does RA have regional offices?

With offices in key trade geographies and diverse teams situated in debtors’ countries, our practical solutions are tailored to address the complex client needs and local business norms.

RA has offices in: Riyadh, Dubai, Cairo, Casablanca, Singapore, Seoul, Lahore, Manila and Istanbul.
RA has local presence in: Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Vietnam

Are amicable settlements possible? And do you have connections in different regions, to achieve amicable and timely settlements?

Our preferred approach is to pursue amicable settlements, where applicable. Alternative strategies may be devised, if amicable and timely settlements are not possible.

With our teams present in key trade geographies and in the debtors’ countries, we work alongside clients as partners. This allows us to operate based on an in-depth understanding of local laws, cultures, norms and business customs.

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