Short-Term Claims Recovery

The fast pace of short-term transactions requires an equally prompt claims and recovery response. Accordingly, providing clients with timely evidence-backed reports is a primary objective at Recovery Advisers, when managing claims arising from short-term transactions.

The local presence of the Recovery Advisers team and partners, coupled with their familiarity with cultural and business norms of the debtors, enables for a streamlined negotiation, to reach reasonable settlement and recovery solutions.

Throughout the process, the unique circumstances of each claim is considered and weighted based on the advantages and disadvantages of the various paths to recovering the claim. Numerous issues are considered, such as the efficiency of the jurisdictions involved, the debtors’ industry outlook and the debtor’s unique circumstances amongst other factors, in order to reach an optimal recovery solution.

MLT Claims Recovery

The complexity of Medium & Long Term credit insurance claims is best managed by multi-disciplined teams, synergized and especially created to respond to the unique requirements and circumstances of each claim.

In addition to the technical complexities of the insured transaction, the legal environment governing such transactions is typically multifaceted. It involves the complex interplay of international conventions and domestic laws, action spanning multiple jurisdictions and its unique challenges calling on corporate, bank, or sovereign guarantees that secure the transaction.

Accordingly, clients are assisted through the swift mobilization of teams composed of individuals possessing the diverse skills required to address the unique challenges of each claim. A ‘project management’ approach is adopted when handling MLT claims. The dedicated team works closely with stakeholders to ensure that priorities are identified early on in the process and addressed appropriately during the life of each MLT recovery project.

Project Finance

Through its comprehensive experience in the realm of project finance, Recovery Advisers serves as a competent legal advisor for clients with ventures in various industries. Project finance typically covers the financing of long-term industrial, infrastructural and public works projects.

The core expertise of the firm includes the following scope:

  • Assessment of project, and possibilities to return it to a successful track
  • Evaluation of the feasibility of projects
  • Financing and documentation
  • Executing security of projects (mortgages, charges etc.)
  • Alternative financing strategies due to risks (e.g. currency devaluation, economic, political etc.)

Project types included under project finance (with Sovereign guarantees):

  • Power plants
  • Port construction
  • Civil infrastructure projects

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Ship Finance

The financing of ships has changed over the past 10 years, with different approaches being adopted internationally. New ship finance structures and additional sources of finance have been introduced to the global market.
Recovery Advisers’ team is well versed with regards to ship financing. The team covers the restructuring and rescheduling of ship financing projects, in order to ensure the long-term viability of ventures.

The core expertise of the firm covers the restructuring of ship financing, within the following scope:

  • Evaluation of the ship’s operations
  • Financing and documentation
  • Executing securities
  • Alternative financing strategies due to growing risks

Recovery Advisers covers the financial restructuring of:

  • Oil tankers
  • Passenger ferries
  • Offshore jack-up rigs

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