Credit Insurance Claim Management

Recovery Advisers specializes in credit and project insurance claims and recovery management. Services and processes have been carefully designed in parallel, based on the standard followed processes of credit insurers, ensuring seamless reporting and communication throughout the different phases of claims management and recovery.

Claim Analysis, Investigation & Loss Adjusting

Clients are assisted in their decision-making process through information sharing and timely reporting. In order to for debtors to make accurate evidence-based indemnification decisions, a thorough analysis of the claim information, an investigation of the underlying transactions, as well as a loss adjustment of Medium & Long Term Transactions (MLT) or investment claims is conducted.

International Commercial Arbitration & Commercial Litigation

In situations where debtors do not cooperate for amicable settlements, debt recovery efforts are escalated to either litigation or arbitration as the case may be. In all cases, the most efficient path towards enforcement and judicial recovery is taken, to safeguard debtors’ best interests.


The duration of settlements and recovery management differ, depending on the complexity of the case and the country which the proceedings are taking place in. As such, the process is carefully and accurately documented and reported on, with frequent, accurate and evidence-backed update reports shared with clients in a timely manner. This offering is integral for clients, in order to facilitate the process of making indemnification decisions, and to provide details on collection activities carried out on behalf of their policyholders.

Claim Types

Each case brought forth, has its own complexities and unique technicalities. However, there are common elements that can be classified in four main areas, as outlined below.

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