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Claims and Recovery Management

Recovery Advisers B.V. specializes in credit and project insurance claims and recovery management. Our services and processes are designed to mirror the standard processes of credit insurers, ensuring seamless reporting and communication throughout the different phases of claims management and recovery.

Claim Analysis, Investigation, & Loss Adjusting

We assist our clients in making accurate evidence-based indemnification decisions by thoroughly analysing the claim information, investigating the underlying transactions, and loss adjusting of MLT or investment claims.

Amicable Settlements & Debt Recovery

During amicable recovery, we typically work closely with debtors to reach reasonable settlement and repayment solutions. In doing so, we save both our clients and the debtors the hassle and expenses associated with formal action.

Int. Commercial Arbitration & Commercial Litigation

In situations where debtors do not cooperate on amicable settlement, debt recovery efforts are escalated to either litigation or arbitration as the case may be. In all cases, we always seek the most efficient path towards enforcement and judicial recovery.


Specialized in Export Credit Insurance Claims & Recovery Management

International Team catering to the unique requirements of Credit Insurers

About Us

Specialized in Export Credit Insurance Claims & Recovery Management


In addition to the thorough understanding of their jurisdiction’s laws, our lawyers and affiliated partners extensively refer to and apply international conventions to seek the most efficient path to judicial recovery.

Finance Professionals

Our finance professionals focus on the accurate analysis of the debtors’ financial standing in order to negotiate realistic settlement plans that are appropriate to debtors’ circumstances.

Debt Collectors

In many instances, the persistence, professionalism, and pragmatism of our team of debt collectors is the most efficient manner to recover the outstanding debt. Our collectors are trained on international debt collection and understand the challenges associated with such types of debt recovery.

Catering to the Needs of Credit Insurers

Recovery Advisers B.V. is composed of a team of professionals from multiple disciplines, focused on addressing the requirements of credit insurers.

Our team members’ expertise lay in international trade law, international commercial arbitration, international finance, and debt collection.

By specializing in serving credit insurers, our team has unmatched first-hand experience in addressing complex questions unique to this industry; questions such as the formal requirements for assignment of rights in the jurisdictions where we operate, the difference between assignment and subrogation under certain laws, or the subrogation of arbitration agreements. Additionally, our team also understands the complex dynamic between the insurer, insured, and debtors, and balances the requirements of each party while working towards successful resolutions of claims we manage.

International Network

Besides our regional network of offices in the Arab World, our international reach is expanded by our partners International Advisers. Collectively, we cover in excess of 75 countries in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and The Arab World.

Local Presence

Our recovery activities are conducted by professionals that are locally present in the debtors’ country. Our local presence combined with the in-depth understanding of the local culture, norms, and business customs provides an opportunity to efficiently negotiate amicable settlements and recover the outstanding debt.


Sending frequent, accurate, and evidence-backed update reports are an integral part of our service. We understand the importance our clients place on receiving timely information to make indemnification decisions, or details on collection activities carried out on behalf of their policyholders.

Countries Covered

Claims Managed Per Year

Regional Offices

Claim Types

Claims and Recovery Management Strategies That Match Claim Types

Short-Term Transactions

Short-Term Claims Recovery

The rapid pace of short-term transactions requires an equally rapid claims and recovery action. Accordingly, providing our clients with timely evidence-backed reports is our primary objective when managing claims arising out of short-term transactions.

Upon receipt of the claim information, we carry out in-depth analysis of the claim documentation and investigate the underlying transactions. We try to visit and hold meetings with debtors to understand their reasons for non-payment, and then relay this information along with our findings in accurate evidence-backed reports to our clients. The local presence of our team and international partners gives us the ability to carry out such meetings within a very short period of receiving a request from our clients.

The local presence of our team and partners, and their familiarity with cultural and business norms of the debtors, enables us to negotiate reasonable settlement and recovery solutions. While doing so, we take in consideration the unique circumstances of each claim, and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the various paths to recovering the claim. We consider issues like the efficiency of the jurisdictions involved, the debtors’ industry outlook, the debtor’s unique circumstances, and a host of other factors in order to reach an optimal recovery solution.

Medium & Long Term Transactions

MLT Claims Recovery

The complexity of MLT credit insurance claims is best managed by multi-disciplined teams especially created for the unique requirements and circumstances of each claim.

In addition to the technical complexities of the insured transaction, the legal environment governing such transactions is typically multifaceted and involves the complex interplay of international conventions and domestic laws, action spanning multiple jurisdictions, and challenges calling on corporate, bank, or sovereign guarantees that secure the transaction.

Accordingly, we assist our clients by swiftly mobilising teams composed of individuals possessing the skills required to address the unique challenges of each claim. We take a “project management” approach when handling MLT claims, and work closely with stakeholders to ensure that priorities are identified early and addressed appropriately during the life of each MLT recovery project.

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